If you live in the Snowy Monaro Region then volunteering with LAOKO is one vital way in which you can help our native wildlife. There are more ways to volunteer than becoming a wildlife carer. We understand that many people are not in a position to actually care for animals – due to work or family commitments, they live in small spaces, or do not have the financial or physical means. However, there are many ways you can be involved and contribute, including:

Become a wildlife carer

Caring for native animals involves rehabilitating animals in your own home. Some carers may only provide emergency or overnight care, whereas others provide long-term care, which may mean holding an animal in rehabilitation for months. Carers’ life circumstances often restrict their options or the types of animals they care for but, with the necessary commitment, and training, there is usually one species or another that can be accommodated.

Transport and rescue

is an area of need. With so many calls from the public this is an area of dire need. We require volunteers to respond to emergency calls to access an animal that has been reported. Part of the duty requires delivering the injured or orphaned animal to a wildlife carer. People who can’t commit to caring for wildlife themselves get great satisfaction from assisting in this way.

Assisting with phones

The group’s wildlife hotline needs to be attended 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Being a phone volunteer a day or two a month is one way you could help.

Help build fences + enclosures

Perhaps you have building or carpentry skills and could turn your hand to building wildlife enclosures.

Fundraise for us

Helping with fundraising is something most members can be involved in, we always need someone to help man the BBQ when we set up at special events. We also need people to start up their own fundraisers such as cupcake drives, raffles and events.

Help with administration duties

In order for the group to run professionally and fulfil its legal obligations, there are administrative tasks that need to be done, like entering database animal and membership records, serving on a committee, helping with the running of training courses, and so forth.

Bring with you your creative flair

Those with creative and graphical skills can assist in the production of the group’s website, social media channels, quarterly newsletters and publications.


Whether of money, equipment, enclosures, towels, blankets, wildlife feed, supplies… we are always in need of extra supplies and they are greatly appreciated.