Echidna train

Echidna trains steaming ahead for love

Echidnas are smart. As Indigenous writer and academic, Tyson Yunkaporta, explains: “Sometimes I wonder if echidnas ever suffer from the same delusion that many humans have, that their species is the intelligent centre of the universe. They are smart enough: their prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain used for complex reasoning and decision making, is the biggest […]

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Monica at a wombat burrow

Meet a LAOKO volunteer

We chat with Monica Cowan, an intrepid and reliable rescuer who goes above and beyond. Monica can be found responding to rescue calls at all hours of the night, as well as attending rescues around work and driving our LAOKO euthanasers out when required. Monica is a true wildlife hero!   Hi Monica! How did you first get into wildlife care? My sister Rebecca […]

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