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If you are purchasing or have purchased the Alcheringa Snow Book we highly recommend also purchasing the fun and educational study guide that goes along with the book. Learn about the geology, geography, flora and fauna of the Snowy Mountains Region that are featured in the beautiful book Alcheringa Snow.

About Alcheringa Snow Childrens Book

Introducing the Alcheringa Series of four children’s fiction picture books, mainly for ages 6-10, but for younger children as well. This series is the largest depiction of Australian fauna ever undertaken in fictional children’s books, and is centred entirely on the Snowy Mountain/Monaro region. The series contains at least 20 species of native animals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, in a total of 38 different species.

The series is the sole work of local author and illustrator Toni Cary, & has been digitally photographed by the National Gallery of Australia. It is published by Little Steps/New Frontier of Sydney. Above is the cover of the first book, Alcheringa Snow, depicting winter, since each book covers a season in the Snowy Monaro. The Study Guide, by way of a Memory Stick, will be available in March 2018. Alcheringa Flowers (Spring) will be released in October 2018; Alcheringa Sunshine (Summer) will be released in May 2019, and the final book Alcheringa Rain (Autumn) will be released in November 2019.

Alcheringa Snow has been accepted for the 2018 Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Crichton Award.


A testimonial from Ms. Pam Veiss, Head Librarian for the Snowy Monaro Regional Council regarding Alcheringa Snow

Destined to become a fabulous, unique set of books brimming with glorious characters and drawings. These books will give joy to not only local children, who can directly relate to the fauna and flora of the stories, but to all children who dream of living amidst our remarkable Australian animals and landscapes.


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