HSI supports our wombat mange program

Humane Society International Australia (HSI) has continued to fund the LAOKO wombat mange program with a generous $20,000 grant.

Snowy Mountains Wildlife Rescue’s Mange Program Coordinator, Elena Guarracino said she is very happy and relieved and that HSI has continued to provide financial assistance for the mange program. The generous funding will pay for Bravecto® – a newly-approved (dog spot-on treatment) mange treatment and associated mange program costs.

Previously only Cydectin® (active ingredient – moxidectin) was approved for mange treatment in wombats. However, recently a new permit has been granted by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) for the off-label use of Bravecto® a spot on treatment for internal and external parasites on cats and dogs, on wombats.

A wombat with severe mange has been provided with a shallow container of water, while being treated for mange by the landholder. Wombats with mange are dehydrated and need to drink more water than a healthy wombat. (Photo: Rachel Mullholland)

It was hoped that Bravecto® would be a ‘one hit wonder’ and would fully treat mange with a single dose. Unfortunately, research by Dr Scott Carver at the University of Tasmania has shown that Bravecto® only remains in the wombat’s system for about one month, which is not long enough to break the 8-week mange mite lifecycle. Therefore follow-up treatment is still needed.

Clearly the metabolism of a wombat is very different to cats and dogs, which shows that Bravecto®  remains in their system for 3-6 months.

The funding will also help with some out-of-pocket travel expenses for mange treatment volunteers. There is a lot of travel involved in mange treatment: often numerous visits to properties are required to assess the wombat, treat it, install wombat burrow flaps and follow up with landholders.

Humane Society International Australia Project Officer, Helen Church with LAOKO Mange Program Coordinator, Elena Guarracino and Humane Society International Australia Head of Programs, Evan Quartermain.

Previously HSI has provided $10,000 to fund Cydectin®, a cattle pour-on used to treat mange which costs about $1,100 for a 15L container.

Winter is the busy time for mange work, with up to three reports a day about wombats with mange. Thanks go also to the wonderful LAOKO mange team members for their hard work.

To report a wombat with mange, please call the Snowy Mountains Wildlife Rescue (LAOKO) emergency phone on 02 6456 1313. If you would like to help treat wombats with mange, call Elena on 0427 853 533 or email her at laokomange@gmail.com.

A very big thank you to Humane Society International.


Friday 12 August, 2022

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