Every donation makes a difference and has a huge impact on our work


You love wildlife + nature. This is your opportunity to put your money towards something you love and support LAOKO’s passionate volunteers in helping them care for + protect native wildlife.  Please make a one-off donation or become a supporting member. We truly thank you for your kind support.

When you give generously today, you become a vital part of LAOKO’s important rescue + rehabilitation work for native wildlife.

Your generosity will save a life, feed a sick animal, transport an injured bird to the vet or help build a safe enclosure. LAOKO is a non-profit organisation and we rely on a combination of donations, members  and volunteers to help keep the business of rescuing and caring for wildlife going. Every donation and membership we receive makes a difference however small.

There are two ways you can donate financially to LAOKO and that is via a one-off donation below or by becoming a supporting member [click here].

If you are not in a position to donate financially or don’t have the time to volunteer with us then we are always in the need of towels, wildlife feed, enclosures, blankets, animal pouches and heat pads. Email us at laokosmwr@gmail.com with what you can donate.





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