Do you have a possum living in your roof?

Common Brushtail Possums… we love them, but sometimes they can set up home in our ceiling cavities, and that can be messy… and a bit loud! How can we live in harmony with them, but not share the same house!?

The first thing you need to know is that since brushtail possums are territorial, getting one out of your roof will not solve the problem long-term, as another will take up residence there soon after. Legislation stipulates a possum must not be taken more than 150m from the point of capture, and must be released against a structure / tree it can climb. Brushtail possums are territorial and will die if taken away from their territory.

The best thing to do is coax the possum out of your roof by providing alternative accommodation. A nesting box in a tree near your house provides a possum with a comfortable home of its own, in its own territory.

Fortunately, the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment has put out a handy fact sheet on the steps you can take to safely and successfully relocate a possum out of your house and into a nearby new home. The key steps in this fact sheet are:

  1. Purchase or build a possum box in a nearby tree or structure. You can build your own using this handy guide, or purchase a pre-made one from LAOKO for just $20 – call us on 02 6456 1313 or email
  2. Find the possum’s nest in your roof if possible. Relocate it to the possum box and encourage the possum to it with fresh fruit.
  3. Once you are sure the possum is no longer in your roof, block its access back into the roof cavity.
  4. Refer to the DPI fact sheet for the full lowdown on possum relocation.

Sometimes it is difficult to remove the possum from your roof. A trap may be required but it’s important to know that it’s illegal to catch a possum without a licence. LAOKO can provide the contact details of contractors licensed to remove possums from rooves. The National Parks & Wildlife Service Wildlife Team can also provide more information about licences and possum removal. You can contact them on:

NPWS Wildlife Team
By phone: 02 9585 6406
By email:

We hope this information helps you safely move a possum to a new, happy home, so that you don’t have to share yours so closely!


Friday 11 March, 2022

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