Summer means sssssnake season!

Tuesday 30 November, 2021 It’s been a wet year, which means more rodents and frogs, snakes’ favourite food! This could mean you’ll see more snakes over summer. Here are some tips especially for bushwalkers: Snakes warm themselves in the sun, on rocks and in open areas like walking tracks. Avoid surprising snakes and warn them of your approach […]

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New committee voted in at AGM, and we have a new name!

Tuesday 30 November, 2021 LAOKO’s 2021 Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday 20 November on Zoom. Our key elected positions remain as follows: President: Lisa Petroff Vice President: Elena Guarracino Secretary: Michael Milne Treasurer: Robyn George HSEQ Officer: Guy Palframan We have many other LAOKO volunteers working behind the scenes, and a variety of roles will […]

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Mental health help for wildlife volunteers

Being a wildlife volunteer can be very confronting and stressful at times. It is vital to look after your wellbeing to enable you to look after wildlife. Wildlife volunteers’ mental health may be affected by many things associated with wildlife. It could be seeing dead animals by the side of the road and checking them for […]

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Accreditation of wildlife rescue providers

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS) recently introduced some changes to the way wildlife groups operate to ensure good governance. Snowy Mountains Wildlife Rescue (LAOKO) is working towards the required accreditation to ensure we have a quality assurance process to provide wildlife rehabilitation services in a consistent, reliable and credible manner in accordance with […]

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Seven fuzzy ducklings

These seven Australian wood ducklings were noticed on a Chakola property recently, when the landholder realised they had been in their own for two days with no parents in sight. Ducklings stay within the protective shelter of their parent’s supervision until they are 1 1/2 to 2 months old. During this time, they are able to […]

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Micro bat

Microbat rescues

LAOKO recently rescued two microbats: a little forest bat (Vespadelus vulturnus), rescued at Binjura, and the other, a little broad-nosed bat (Scotorepens greyii), was rescued at Tantangara in Kosciuszko National Park. The little broad-nosed bat weighed only 5.34g and the little forest bat was even smaller, weighing just 4.3 grams. The latter had been injured […]

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Laura Vagne

Meet a LAOKO volunteer – Laura Vagne

Photo above: Laura was interviewed by the ABC at Cooma Gaol on the impact of mange on wombats. The story was aired nationally on ABC Weekend Breakfast. LAOKO has a dedicated team of volunteers who devote themselves to treating wombats with mange. One such member is Laura Vagne, who is passionate about wildlife and supports the […]

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Rescue efforts for a magnificent koala

Photo above: Alison Swain This beautiful koala came to the attention of LAOKO koala team members Richard and Alison Swain in October, when he was seen sitting at the base of a small eucalypt tree in the Numeralla area. As Alison investigated further, this big male koala attempted to climb the small tree, by his […]

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LAOKO’s first dollarbird rescue

LAOKO has never rescued a dollarbird before, so the emergency phone volunteers were surprised and excited to find out what sort of bird this was! It was rescued in October by a member who was driving along the Barry Way and saw it after what appeared to be a close shave with a small truck. […]

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Humane Society International & LAOKO

Humane Society International funds LAOKO program

We are very grateful to Humane Society International for providing $10,000 for our wombat mange program, and $40,000 for a wombat enclosure on a LAOKO member’s property. We are so appreciative of this funding which allows us to continue to do important work with wildlife. The funding for the mange program will be used to […]

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