Heat pads for LAOKO animal rescues

LAOKO was very fortunate during the recent bushfires to receive huge support from the Animal Rescue Cooperative (ARC) in the form of donations of kangaroo pellets; hay and straw; wild bird feed and insectivore mix; and shadecloth and other materials for animal enclosures.

ARC has again supported LAOKO with a welcome donation of 500 heat pads! These small, single use heat pads are a vital part of our rescue volunteers’ kit. When an animal such as a kangaroo, wombat, wallaby or possum – of any size – is rescued, a heat pad provides life-saving warmth and comfort while being transported for assessment and care.

ARC does wonderful work for wildlife, supporting the rescue of animals nationwide by working with organisations such as LAOKO; distributing food and medical supplies; and providing education.

We are very grateful to ARC once again for supporting us to rescue and care for wildlife in the Snowy Monaro. Thank you ARC!


Friday 11 March, 2022

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