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Here at Snowy Mountains Wildlife Rescue LAOKO Inc we are a not-for-profit wildlife rescue group based in the Snowy Monaro region of NSW. Formed in 1988, we are the second longest running wildlife rescue group in NSW.
The area that we cover can be seen here.

Our group of trained volunteer carers assist in the rescue and care of native wildlife in the local area. Each year hundreds of native animals are injured or killed as a result of car accidents, dog attacks and human intervention in the form of unauthorised culling. Many young animals as a result are left orphaned and our organisation assists in the raising of these orphans and rehabilitating for release back into the wild. If you find an injured animal in our area, please contact us as soon as possible on (02) 6456 1313.

What we do and where donations go to

  • 80% of funds go to subsidising food costs for wildlife in care. One kilo bag of non-dairy milk powder costs LAOKO $25. Wildlife carers pay $15 and LAOKO pays $10.
  • To aid in the rehabilitation of sick or injured native wildlife. Our goal is to relocate rehabilitated wildlife back into the wild and for those that can’t be released then we will find them a suitable permanent home.
  • To provide native wildlife in need of protection with long and short-term care – including those which are sick, injured, orphaned, neglected or which have suffered from mistreatment or cruelty.
  • To help other wildlife organisations by sharing volunteers, equipment, information and supplies whenever and wherever possible.
  • To provide and maintain an education program based on the principles of animal welfare, in addition to a conservation program – both directed towards a variety of ages/groups.
  • Promote + grow our service to ensure wildlife will continue to be cared for in the Snowy Monaro Region for many generations to come.

We are also partnered with NSW Wildlife Council Inc.



CURRENT COMMITTEE MEMBERS and their contacts :

President  –  president.laoko@gmail.com – position vacant

Vice President Administration – vicepresident.laoko@gmail.com – Allyson Jennings

Vice President Operations – vicepresident.laoko@gmail.com – Kelly McMahon

Secretary – laokosmwr@gmail.com – Michael Milne

HSEQ Co-ordinator – laoko.hseq@gmail.com – position vacant

Treasurer – treasurer.laoko@gmail.com – Robyn George

Mange Officer – Monica Cowan – wombatmange.laoko@gmail.com

Snake and Reptile Co-ordinator – laokosmwr@gmail.com – Angela Barns

Wombat Co-ordinator – wombatmange.laoko@gmail.com – Rebecca Cowan

Euthanasia Co-ordinator – euthanaseia.laoko@gmail.com – Paul Dimmock

Emergency Phone Co-ordinator – laokosmwr@gmail.com – Jamie Astridge

Training Co-ordinator – laoko.training@gmail.com – Michael Milne

Fundraising Co-ordinator – fundraise.laoko@gmail.com – position vacant

Linda Milne – ordinary member – Animal co-ordinator

Diane Blyton – ordinary member – Firearms trainer

Shanta Woodhall – Grants coordinator

Paula Bosch – ordinary member

Katrina Roper – ordinary member

Suzanne Turner – ordinary member